The Wenatchee Curling Club offers a fun, friendly, and safe way to participate in the exciting sport of curling. We offer “Learn to Curl” sessions as well as weekly league play. You can find us curling most Sunday evenings at the Town Toyota Center, 5:00 - 7:30 PM, October through March. We invite you to come watch a game or contact us to find out how you can join in the fun! For a brief introduction, watch this well done video from USA Curling.



Did you see any curling in the Sochi Olympics?  Or maybe you have heard about curling, but aren't sure what it's about.  Well here's your chance to get an introduction to one of the fastest growing sports in the world.
Check here for the scoop on the next Learn To Curl coming this March. 

Everbody, teens through seniors; men, women and children; from anywhere in the Valley are invited to give it a try.


Upcoming & Current Events



Pre- and Post-Curling Play Task Ettiquette.

There are several setup and takedown tasks that need to be achieved each Sunday.  If you are curling that night, as part of club etiquette, you should help get stones on or off the ice, out of or into the storage rack, place or remove hacks, sweep the ice, or help "roll" the pebbled ice.  EVERYONE is expected to help, so if you are not sure what you can do, just ask!  Thank you!

Learn To Curl coming in March.

The upcoming Learn To Curl will be March 16 at the Toyota Town Center public skating ring located at the south end of the complex.  For more information on the next LTC opportunity, click LTC Info which will be updated as soon as the next date is confirmed.

Get the Curling News

The USCA website, www.association-data.com, allows club members to create a login, sign in and update their info. This enables you to control what information is provided to the USCA. At the minimum, they would like to have your e-mail address. As part of your annual USCA membership dues, WCC members are entitled to a subscription to Curling News if you provide your mailing address through the link.


Take  a look at our Bonspiels page. Stay tuned for information on the next Wenatchee Curling Club Desert Rocks event.